Your employer and your mental health

Mental health at work: Open up and talk about it

Mental health problems affect 1 in 4 and while many suffer from it, few seek help or speak about it. This is especially true for men who are less likely than women to do so, as they find it difficult to feel ‘vulnerable’.

This book excerpt—taken from Positive Male Mind—covers how employees can improve mental health if workplace is the root of their difficulties, including areas such as:

– A positive workplace
– Establishing boundaries
– Avoiding judgemental terminology and language
– Promoting healthy work-life practices

About Positive Male Mind

Written by Dr. Shaun Davis and Andrew Kinder, both of whom are leading experts on this topic, Positive Male Mind aims to inspire positive dialogue around male mental health in a practical way, to help address this taboo topic in the personal and corporate spheres.

While it is geared towards a male audience, this book will also help friends, colleagues, and partners, support and aid their male relatives and friends with solutions, advice and tips for better wellbeing.

Dr. Shaun Davis is Global Director of Safety, Health, Wellbeing & Sustainability at Royal Mail Group.

Andrew Kinder is a Chartered Counselling Occupational Psychologist and the Professional Head of Mental Health Services at Optima Health.

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