Wondrous’ approach to leadership development

Remi Baker Managing Director Wondrous Can you tell the Content Hub a little bit about Wondrous and your approach to leadership development. At Wondrous, our goal is to help businesses perform better. Our start point is to fully understand the role of your leaders in delivering strategic and commercial goals, together with the attitudes and actions you need your leaders ... Read More

Bring emotion back to business

By Lou Banks, Founder and Director at Rising Vibe You don’t often see or hear that. ‘Emotion’ and ‘business’ in the same sentence. Traditionally, we don’t talk about our feelings and emotions at work. We leave them at home and we just get on with it. All this emotional chat is incense burning, sandal wearing pink and fluffy BS and has no ... Read More

Coachmatch rebrands to Wondrous

People and development consultancy, Coachmatch, today announces that it is rebranding with a new name, visual identity, website and purpose. On 19th November Coachmatch will become Wondrous. Coachmatch was launched in 2007, establishing itself as a market leading consultancy providing many of the world’s premier organisations with access to best in class executive coaches, consultants and facilitators. As Wondrous the ... Read More

Why you should sponsor an HR Vision Event

HR Vision is the elite, boutique series of conferences that delivers inspiration and ideas with strategic solutions for those shaping the HR landscape, in a fun and holistic way. Providing top level networking and a year-round platform for sharing new insights on the critical challenges faced by businesses today, is core to what we do. We’re recognised as one of ... Read More

Understanding the Technological Impact in Society

Anastasia Dedyukhina Coach, TEDx speaker, book author and founder of Consciously Digital Organiser of the first mindful tech, art and digital detox festival - Focus Inside   Anastasia Dedyukhina will be joining us for this year's HR Vision Amsterdam, 6-7 June 2018. Not only is Anastasia providing a workshop on 'How to Have a More Productive and Focused Workforce in ... Read More

How to minimise the emotional impact of change

Any significant change at work is going to have an effect as far as departments and individual employees are concerned. The emotional impact of change is often characterised as negative in tone – after all, if it’s positive then there’s no problem to be dealt with. Negative emotions can stem from concerns about competence in new techniques; worries about new ... Read More