The culture cure for digital

The culture cure for digital: How to fix what's ailing business Thriving in an era of promise and uncertainty demands a velocity of innovation, experimentation and collaboration inside and outside the organization. Work cultures that have grown up over decades, however, can be complex, slow moving and complacent. Leaders need to intentionally reshape the organizational culture to energize people for ... Read More

Will robots take over our jobs?

Future of Work is uncertain. This article examines whether Technology Wins and what role HR can play in shaping our future Technology Is Winning   History clearly shows that technology has boosted productivity, and the consensus is that this trend will continue, i.e. Technology Wins:Robots will take on the repetitive, rules-based tasks that we are currently doing. Robots are more ... Read More

Nasa’s take on technology’s role in human resources

Brady Pyle HR Executive NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration Over at NASA, technology is unquestionably at the heart of the organisation. This is a body that put people on the moon when computing memory was modest to say the least, and today they drive innovation in sectors and specialties across the world. So it shouldn’t be surprising that NASA ... Read More

Why adidas is using a holistic talent development approach

Andy Longley Director Talent Partnering - Global Sales & Global Brands adidas Cultural change is a hot topic now, but something which still lacks clarity, is how best to achieve change. Building leadership capability, is accepted as a business imperative for sustained change, so how can HR and Talent professionals support our leaders to do this in a lean and ... Read More

Artificial Intelligence in the Workplace – the Leadership Challenge

Technological disruptions are defining this era of rapid business transformation and driving a set of deep rooted questions about the future of work, the implications for organisations, management and employees and how we can navigate to the ‘next horizon’. On a near daily basis we hear questions such as: How might humans work with artificial intelligence and robots? What tasks ... Read More

Kier Group on how to procure new tech for HR

Jan Atkinson Talent and Organisational Development Director Kier Group Jan Atkinson, Kier Group's Talent and Organisational Development Director, joined the organisation 3 years ago, and very quickly realised that elements of the HCM technology, which has been commissioned before she joined, was not delivering what the business needed. In short, the business had bought the wrong solution. HR Vision Content ... Read More