Your employer and your mental health

Mental health at work: Open up and talk about it Mental health problems affect 1 in 4 and while many suffer from it, few seek help or speak about it. This is especially true for men who are less likely than women to do so, as they find it difficult to feel ‘vulnerable’. This book excerpt—taken from Positive Male Mind—covers ... Read More

5 Keys to Unlocking Your Employees’ Potential

5 Keys to Unlocking Your Employees’ Potential How to make it Great at Work and create happy, loyal, and committed employees This employee engagement handbook aims to help HR leaders inspire and nurture their talent. We capture our observations and share our experience with this reference tool — backed by research; it lists five main ways to improve the employee ... Read More

25 Research Insights To Fuel Your People Strategy

25 Research Insights to Fuel Your People Strategy Global Leadership Forecast 2018- a three-way collaboration with Development Dimensions International (DDI), The Conference Board, and EY- is the eighth Forecast since DDI began the stream of research in 1999. The report summarizes dozens of practical, evidence-based recommendations for critical business issues. Topics covered in this E-book - Leaders at the Core- ... Read More

2018 Workplace Learning Report

2018 Workplace Learning Report The Rise and Responsibility of Talent Development in the New Labor Market In today’s dynamic world of work, the path to opportunity—for both individuals, and organizations—is changing. Topics covered in this E-book - Top Trends:  Top 2018 Workplace Learning Trends - Talent Developer: How are savvy talent development leaders adapting to the pace of change in ... Read More

The Rise of The Machines

Rise of The Machines HR, Technology and Change Despite HR being a human-centric discipline, technology is rapidly evolving the conventions of good practice. Senior HR experts share their professional insights. Topics covered in this E-book - NASA's perspective on the rise of the bots - 'Getting social' with Deutsche Telecom - Karen Brown at Baker McKenzie address humanised technology - ... Read More