Busting the myth about emotion in business

Lou Banks
Founder and Director
Rising Vibe

Speaking at the HR Vision London Conference, 21-22 November 2018!

Tell us a little about yourself!

Wife and mother of two; a son nearly 18 and a 10yr old daughter. Lover of spinning, dog walking, eating out with friends, travelling as much as possible, spending time at my lodge on the Dorset coast and a good bottle (or 3) of Cotes de Provence rose, or a large G&T!

What does a typical day look like for you at Rising Vibe?

Mondays and Fridays I do my best to work from my home office and these days usually are full of creating content, campaigns and focusing on business development (with a dog walk thrown in to help me slow down to speed up!). Tues-Thurs are client facing, either delivering one of our programmes, supporting client conferences and events or coaching.

Rising Vibe offers a number of corporate programmes which improve the mindset of an individual at work. What importance does the improvement of an employee’s mindset have on the overall organisation?

Mindset is everything! We define mindset as thought patterns at any given moment, and never fixed – but with patterns. Our thoughts drive how we feel, and how we feel impacts how we show up day after day. If we are having unhelpful thoughts then we won’t feel our best, and therefore we won’t perform our best. If an entire organisation (team or department) are having unhelpful thoughts about an initiative, a change or a leader then the collective negative impact on business performance will be significant. Also unless our mindset is aligned with what we want to be doing differently, nothing will change. I might want my workforce to be more effective at influencing, but even if the ‘training’ is brilliant, unless my mindset enables me to learn and change, I won’t! If my thought patterns are based around not believing that I can add value, or that I can’t influence certain levels of an organisation – then I won’t. Lots of cash is spent with no impact or return because of this. We challenge the mindset using emotions as a guide. Notice how you feel first, then change the thought to change the feeling.

You’ve worked with a real variety of organisations, from major retailers, to airlines and insurers. Why do you think all these organisations are so focused on ‘emotion’ at work and the experience of their employees?

I’m not sure that they necessarily were to start with, they just wanted some change in their business, and connected with RV and its positioning and proposition. What our clients now know is that accessing emotion as part of learning has huge impact as they are seeing the results.

What would be your number 1 advice for someone who is at the beginning of their journey in understanding what motivates, and demotivates their people?

Everyone wants to be heard. Everyone wants to connect. Everyone just wants to feel safe. It really is that simple. Don’t overcomplicate anything, we keep things simple and make them practical at RV. That is key. Choose an approach and stick with it in a consistent and committed way, don’t change something because it doesn’t work straight away. It won’t work straight away! Humans do not change overnight – yet in business we often expect them to! And no one can motivate anyone, we are all responsible for motivating ourselves. Too many leaders put this pressure on themselves. No one can make anyone else feel anything. Fact!

HR and people management is in constant flux. Looking forward, what are the top three learning and development trends you anticipate in 2019?

There are themes that have remained constant with our clients for years, so I anticipate more of the same in 2019!:
• Not setting explicit expectations
• Not holding people to account
• Not performance managing

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