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Aon Hewitt is a global leader in human resource solutions, with nearly 34,000 professionals in 90 countries serving more than 20,000 clients worldwide across 100+ solutions. We empower organisations and individuals to secure a better future through innovative human capital solutions.
Our teams of experts help clients achieve sustainable performance through an engaged and productive workforce; navigate the risks and opportunities to optimise financial security; redefine health solutions for greater choice, affordability and wellbeing; and help their people make smart decisions on managing work and life events. The Aon Hewitt Talent, Rewards and Performance practice focuses on helping clients drive business performance through people performance. With unmatched combination of proven approach, cutting-edge technology and forward-looking HR expertise, we offer a wide range of solutions to make engagement happen and accelerate people and company to the extraordinary. For more information on Aon Hewitt’s Talent, Rewards and Performance solutions, click here.

education first

EF Education First is the largest privately held education company in the world, with more than 50 years of experience providing language training and other educational programs. We operate 500 schools and offices in more than 50 countries and our network includes over 40,000 employees. Over the course of our history, we have developed methods that promote effective and lasting learning in a variety of settings, both online and offline. EF is the only company that can provide a full language training suite to cater to any need and we are ready to assist any organization that wishes to build a foundation for future-ready business, innovation and economic growth. More info

FT | IE Corporate Learning Alliance

In a constantly changing world, businesses are pushed to improve and evolve to maintain their competitive advantage. We believe no one is better placed to tackle the necessary challenges, drive change and lead business transformation than the people and teams who run them. Executive learning programmes created by Financial Times | IE Business School Corporate Learning Alliance can transform businesses through customised models of corporate learning with demonstrable results. With our access to many of the world’s greatest business minds, leading business schools and world-renowned Financial Times journalists, FT | IE Corporate Learning Alliance is revolutionising the executive learning industry. We help leaders and their teams achieve competitive advantage with the necessary skills, based on a measurable model of corporate learning that has a positive impact on an organisation’s business. More info


For nearly 20 years, getAbstract’s mission has been to source, curate and condense the most relevant business literature in order to help professionals make better decisions and businesses to remain agile and competitive.
getAbstract filters excess information by offering users instant access, on any device, to a library of over 15,000 abstracts from the most thought provoking, influential and innovative business books, management articles, Video Talk conferences and economic reports. With titles available in 2 & 5 page written summaries or 8 minute audios, new business trends, thinking and ideas are absorbed in 10 minutes or less. With more than 10 million users and relationships with 620 global publishing houses, getAbstract offers the world’s largest library of compressed business knowledge, categorised into 92 business areas and updated by around one hundred new summaries per month. More info


One Third More is run by Chris Henderson. Chris spent the first half of his career working for Boots and Barclays, where he held senior roles in strategy, HR, operations and property. During this time he was part of several Leadership Teams. Some were enjoyable and produced extraordinary results. Others were an ordeal and delivered little.

As his interest in individual and team development grew, he studied human and organisational change through a Masters degree at Ashridge Business School alongside a range of other techniques and approaches.

The differences he experienced inspired him to set up a specialist consultancy, OneThirdMore to focus exclusively on developing Leadership Teams and to write JUMP!, a book on the subject. More info.

Peachy mondays

Peachy Mondays is the employee feedback platform that gives the WHY behind WHAT people think, and delivers in days, not months.

Beginning a goal to eliminate the Monday morning blues, and the vision “Happy people work better”, we identified major frustrations with traditional survey feedback; it’s too slow and doesn’t go deep enough. Surveys reveal what people think, but that’s all. Intervention is difficult when you have more questions than answers, so not much changes.

Our integrated applications include multi-lingual surveys, pulses, ‘always-on’ feedback and employee lifecycle apps, all featuring Targeted Anonymous Dialogue™ for follow-up questions leading to root-cause analysis. Our fully supported platform replaces all feedback tools, speeds up actionable insights and replaces the focus groups and various meetings needed just to understand survey data.

Runner-up in the 2017 disruptHR competition, our clients include VodafoneZiggo, Brussels Airlines, Geocell, Apex Hotels and many others.

We let organisations capture WHAT people feel, have targeted anonymous dialogue to uncover WHY, and efficiently manage feedback, at enterprise scale.

SD Worx

SD Worx delivers a full range of quality services globally in the areas of Payroll, HR and Tax & Legal, with more than 3,600 staff serving more than 60,000 clients, offering salary calculations, training, HR research, social-legal, tax and HR-related consultancy services, specialist software for personnel departments and on-site support.

SD Worx calculates about 4.15 million salaries each month, whilst running its own offices in Belgium (HQ), Austria, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Switzerland, as well as a service delivery centre in Mauritius. SD Worx is a co-founder of the Payroll Services Alliance whose members jointly handle 31 million salary calculations. More info.

Social Talent

Social Talent is leading a revolution with a learning platform that is guaranteed to change the way recruiters and salespeople work. Over 80 hours of content created and delivered by industry experts, including Johnny Campbell, Dave Hazlehurst (aka ‘Google Dave’), Ayub Shaikh, Torin Ellis, to name but a few provide all the knowledge required to help you work smarter and live happier.

Social Talent’s online learning program has turned over 15,000 recruiters and salespeople from companies like Cisco, Intel, GE, Manpower, Randstad and Pontoon into Ninjas!

Kevin Blair, Director of TA at Cisco describes the platform as ‘just like Netflix for learning’.
Social Talent brings a fresh perspective to recruiting and social selling. Productivity is at the core of every lesson. Work smarter so that you can spend more time doing the things that really matter. Are you ready to join the ninja revolution? More info.


Springsyple rewards people with money when employers hire. While in general employers pay broadcasting providers to give visibility to their jobs, Springsyple combines two worlds, Job board and headhunting approaches, with the exception that financial reward is paid to the hired candidates and their potential referral. More info


There are lots of moments in our professional careers when we’re “onboarding” to something new. Talmundo’s mobile-friendly cloud software turns a process that is often fragmented, broken and unengaging into a structured, intuitive and exciting experience for all involved. It’s a refreshing way for HR and managers to engage with and train current and future employees. Our software can be applied to numerous onboarding situations, from welcoming new employees, and transitioning your people to new roles, to bringing teams on board to new projects or transforming company culture, and more. Use it as stand alone tool or integrate it into your existing HR systems with our powerful API. Talmundo is here to make the onboarding process fun, innovative and easy again – whatever your new adventure might be. More info


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VibeCatch is an advanced employee engagement platform that utilizes frequent pulse polls and analytics to help companies build better culture and improve their bottom line. It is the only employee engagement tool that leverages the effective Quality of Work Life (QWL) Index, created by professor Marko Kesti, a leading academic specializing in HRM performance.
The QWL Index uses unique job satisfaction metrics that highlight specific areas of improvement within the organization, by pinpointing weak signals and undercurrents that most survey methods fail to detect. Through automated polls collecting relevant feedback, leadership can easily shift focus from measuring job satisfaction to actually improving it.
With the scientifically-backed QWL framework, companies can even link employee engagement to productivity and financial results, giving them the opportunity to find what areas would benefit the most from developmental investments. More info

Xing e-recruiting

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