15 tips to increase employee engagement with the latest technology

Studies have shown that teams with high employee engagement are 21% more productive than their counterparts. This means better output, more revenue and ultimately increased business success. So, it’s safe to say that staff engagement levels are key to the future of your business. But, how do you maintain employee happiness and commitment in a world of mobile workers and millennial ... Read More

Busting the myth about emotion in business

Lou Banks Founder and Director Rising Vibe Speaking at the HR Vision London Conference, 21-22 November 2018! Tell us a little about yourself! Wife and mother of two; a son nearly 18 and a 10yr old daughter. Lover of spinning, dog walking, eating out with friends, travelling as much as possible, spending time at my lodge on the Dorset coast ... Read More

Wondrous’ approach to leadership development

Remi Baker Managing Director Wondrous Can you tell the Content Hub a little bit about Wondrous and your approach to leadership development. At Wondrous, our goal is to help businesses perform better. Our start point is to fully understand the role of your leaders in delivering strategic and commercial goals, together with the attitudes and actions you need your leaders ... Read More

EY and Thrive Partners: reshaping learning culture

Patricia McEvoy People Development, Director EY Pam Bateson CEO Thrive Partners What do new expectations for development and progression mean for in-house learning teams? Can you create fast, effortless Netflix-like learning experiences for employees? And can you offer personalised learning, that connects to both long-term career goals and immediate work challenges? The HR Vision Content Hub speak to Patricia McEvoy, ... Read More

Retaining key talent and matching your employees to their career path

Anne Fulton CEO Fuel50 Can you tell us a bit about yourself and Fuel50? Fuel50 is a business founded on a passion for delivering career path transparency and creating a future for each of your employees and for the future of your workforce. Jo Mills, my co-founder and I came together as organizational psychologists with a passion to improve the ... Read More

Bring emotion back to business

By Lou Banks, Founder and Director at Rising Vibe You don’t often see or hear that. ‘Emotion’ and ‘business’ in the same sentence. Traditionally, we don’t talk about our feelings and emotions at work. We leave them at home and we just get on with it. All this emotional chat is incense burning, sandal wearing pink and fluffy BS and has no ... Read More

Coachmatch rebrands to Wondrous

People and development consultancy, Coachmatch, today announces that it is rebranding with a new name, visual identity, website and purpose. On 19th November Coachmatch will become Wondrous. Coachmatch was launched in 2007, establishing itself as a market leading consultancy providing many of the world’s premier organisations with access to best in class executive coaches, consultants and facilitators. As Wondrous the ... Read More

Fixing performance management with the CEO at WorkCompass

Denis Coleman CEO WorkCompass Disruptors in the Talent technology, Denis Coleman, CEO, WorkCompass & Giles Slinger, Director, OrgVue have the ingredients for fixing performance management in 10 minutes! var htmlDiv = document.getElementById("rs-plugin-settings-inline-css"); var htmlDivCss=""; if(htmlDiv) { htmlDiv.innerHTML = htmlDiv.innerHTML + htmlDivCss; }else{ var htmlDiv = document.createElement("div"); htmlDiv.innerHTML = "" + htmlDivCss + ""; document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(htmlDiv.childNodes[0]); } var htmlDiv = document.getElementById("rs-plugin-settings-inline-css"); var ... Read More

CHRO at Canon on preparing our people for change

Massimo Macarti Former Chief of Human Resources EMEA Canon "We can’t predict the future, but we can prepare our people for change" With the nature of work changing ever rapidly, organisations becoming flatter and more transient, you need the stamina, preparedness and a mind-shift to do your work without putting your business in danger. Hear from a former CHRO who ... Read More

The culture cure for digital

The culture cure for digital: How to fix what's ailing business Thriving in an era of promise and uncertainty demands a velocity of innovation, experimentation and collaboration inside and outside the organization. Work cultures that have grown up over decades, however, can be complex, slow moving and complacent. Leaders need to intentionally reshape the organizational culture to energize people for ... Read More